Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's a BOY!

So our lil' baby bump is officially a little baby BOY bump.

Yesterday was pretty amazing. When you really think about everything it's just so amazing what is going on in there. Yesterday was the first time we really got to see our baby....we had a few low-quality sonograms early on but the baby was nothing more than a little blob. It was amazing to see his tiny little feet and hands...his little nose and forehead...just really amazing. I will post the picture of the sonogram soon...

So this is how it all basically went. Our appointment was at 2:30. I didnt know where the place was, how parking would be, etc. so I wanted to get there early. Billy picked me up from work at about 1:15 and it was only like 20 minutes away. We got there about an hour early, but I would rather that than late. So we waited a longggg time and were finally called in at about 3 p.m.

So they had me lay on the examing table and squirted that goopy gel all over my tummy and in seconds, there was our little guy on the screen. They had to check and measure all different things...arms, legs, spine, hands and feet, heart, brain, etc....so the tech was clicking away and finding all these parts on the screen and taking images of them. Then she said, not to quote her, but her first guess at its sex was a girl. I was thrilled, because I thought the whole time it was a girl. So for about 10 minutes we had a baby girl, until...we had a baby boy lol. Turns out his legs were just very close together and she couldn't get a good look at first. But when it's there, it's there lol. And it was there!

So for me, the appointment could have ended there because I heard all I came to hear. But the doctor needed some good images of his heart and appendages etc. before they could let us go. Too bad Baby William had other plans. He must have been very comfortable however he was positioned because he would just not move enough for the doctor to get a clear image of the left side of his little heart.

They had me move positions several times on the table to see if that would jossle him. Then the doctor could see on the screen that my bladder was full (how embarassing!) so he told me to go to the bathroom because sometimes that will make the baby turn. Still nothing. Then, they were starting to get backed up so I had to go wait in the waiting room for another 20 minutes to see if he'd move at all. I came back into the examining room and they said he moved slightly but not as much as they wanted him to, but luckily the doctor was able to get an image he was satisfied with. Now it's about 4:30 p.m. when all of this is said and done!

The doctor said everything looked good and normal. He said I am young and healthy and that coupled with everything he saw yesterday says to him that I should have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy delivery, so that was great to hear, too.

Now that we've seen the baby I am dying to get a 3D ultrasound done. A friend of mine (AIMEE) had this, and you could literally tell that the baby looks like her husband, it was unbelievable!!!!! And now I am more excited than ever to meet the little guy and welcome him into the world and our little Savio family!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Not much else to say except that tomorrow is the big day. Well not THE big day, but a big day. Find out if we will be preparing for the arrival of Baby Girl or Baby Boy Savio....I was so sure it was a girl for awhile but now that we are actually finding out in just 18 hours I am not sure of anything anymore so I guess we will just wait and see!! Either way we will be thrilled!!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Just a quick update - Ultrasound will be Monday, December 13th at 2:30 p.m.!!

That's 4 weeks and 4 days until we find out!!!!

14 weeks....

So today I am 14w5d for all of you keeping track. Had a doctor's appointment last night. I think I only post after appointments...but other than what I can hear/see in the doctor's office, I don't notice too much of a change myself to warrant any significant postings.

It felt like an eternity since I had last been to the doctor. The last time was October 7, and then I was switched to my monthly visits. I liked going every two weeks, just to make sure everything was progressing smoothly. Oh well.

I gained 5 lbs since my last visit....which is more than half a lb a week, but oh well. I've been eating more lately because I've been starving. I wake up in the middle of the night, not just to pee now, but with hunger pangs too. I need to start eating more fruits and veggies, I know that. But veggies have not appealed to me lately...but I will try.

Had a different doctor last night too, my regular doctor's partner. I actually liked her better, but I dont think I can just ask to switch without insulting the first one. Oh well. They both seemed knowledgable and all of that, just liked this one's personality better.

Oh did I mention we heard the heart beat?!!! Yes, for the first time. It was so strange, I didnt even know that was it until I asked. I thought it was just an echo or some kind of feedback from the machine. Over 150....but I'm not getting SET on anything as far as sex yet. It's still anyone's guess.

Now I have to make my appointment for my 20 wk ultrasound....she said 4 to 5 wks (which would be 18w5d or 19w5d) and because I am impatient I am going to make it for 18wk5d...I have waited long enough!!! Time to start shopping for my baby!

I want to start posting belly pics. I took one at 12 wks when I was literally nothing and will take another one this week to show a comparision. I dont think it's nothing anyone other than I can notice at this point...I just look like I gained a few lbs. But hopefully in a few more weeks I will be showing!

Until then... :)

PS here are all the wonderful FB comments I got re: heart beat...wanted to save them :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Cute Survey Stolen from Aimee

How far along? 12 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: When I checked last weekend I had gone from 122 pre-pregnancy (just made Weight Watchers Lifetime, how's that for irony) to 127 and change...might be a bit more now because I've had an appetite this past week or so. But still nothing I havent seen befor in terms of numbers on a scale.

Maternity clothes? Not yet. I am hoping to go another few weeks without them. I have a really cute outfit I want to wear to a friend's baby shower (Aimee!) and another friend's engagement party (both the same day) and I am hoping it still fits me for those events!!

Stretch marks? Negative. Let's keep it that way.

Sleep: I've been sleeping ALOT but not too well. I will usually fall asleep on the couch sometime in the evening, or go into bed between 730 and 830 just to lay down and unwind with some TV, and nod off there too. But I'm up again between midnight and 1 or so, then up again between 3 and 4 to pee (I never EVER get up to go to the bathroom. Now it has become a nightly ritual). Then up when Billy gets up at 430, and in and out of sleep from then until 7:30 when I get up.

Best moment this week: Reaching the second trimester.

Movement: Nothing yet but looking forward to it!

Food cravings: Have had more aversions the past few months. Chicken is totally disgusting. Can't stand asparagus, which I used to love. Don't even say the word to me. Have had cravings but nothing consistent. Like last night I was in such a mood for a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger and fries from Wendys. But they are sporadic and fleeting.

Gender: Won't know for another 6 or 8 weeks or so .

Labor Signs: Negative.

Belly Button in or out? Still completely in....um is it supposed to pop out? Great, more gross stuff to look forward to!!!

Wedding rings on or off? Still on.

What I miss: Sushi...the occasional glass of wine....and my migraine meds lol

What I am looking forward to: finding out if it's Little William or Williamina! (jk totally not naming it Williamina if it's a girl.)

Weekly Wisdom: It's true what they say...you do forget how sick you were. Sort of. I remember being sick because how can you ever forget 24-hour constant nauseau....but it is now becoming a distant memory as my appetite returns and I like food again :)

Milestones: Second trimester!

Friday, October 15, 2010

We Broke the News!

While our immediate family, close friends, and probably a handful of Macy's employees (Fran has a big mouth), have known about the pregnancy for awhile, we "officially" told everyone (and by everyone, I mean Facebook), on Wednesday, October 13th.

I came home from work and was actually cooking dinner for the first time in a few months. I felt great. Not nauseous, not tired...just normal and great. I was in such a good mood I decided it was then that I wanted to share our great news with everyone, while I could enjoy it.

58 comments, 28 likes and countless wall posts later....lol.

I still don't feel like it's real yet but sharing it with everyone and being able to freely talk about it made it feel a little more real....

 Pregnancy Ticker

Friday, October 8, 2010

10 Weeks

So I am finishing up my 10th week -- 25% down. The good news is I have been a LOT less nauseous this week than the 6 or 7 weeks before. Only had the urge to throw up once or twice, not all day, every day. So I consider that a successful week.

Had my third doctor visit last night. She said I am gaining weight, my blood pressure is good, my nauseau is subsidng and there is a good heart beat, so she feels comfortable switching me to monthly visits for the next few months, so my next visit is not until November 9th.

We already told most of our family and close friends. A few more weeks and we will tell everyone. I feel pretty confident at this point but we've already waited 10 weeks, what's 2 more?

Looking forward to the second trimester, having my appetite back, and feeling better. Everyone says you feel great the second trimester, and after the last few months, I could really use that!!!

That's all for now!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Second Doctor's Visit: The Recap

So I had my second visit last night. Not too much new to report. They did another sonogram, which I will scan and post later. I basically just asked Dr. Generelli some questions and she asked me some, to make sure everything was going ok. I told her how I've been so nauseous and tired lately.

She basically told me pregnancy sucks the first trimester (due to said nausea and fatigue), it's GREAT the second trimester, and it's backing to sucking again the last three months because you are big and uncomfortable and just ready to deliver.

Greeeeaaat!! At least I will have a few enjoyable months to look forward to lol. I am glad the second trimester will be around the holidays so I can enjoy all the goodness that goes with Thanksgiving and Christmas and not be throwing it all up! It's the little things in life.

I go back in another two weeks. After that I will go once a month until I am 28 weeks (which will be around February. At that point I will be going every week until the due date.

Another few months and we can find out the sex. I am hoping we are able to. Dr. Generelli said sex is not one of the things they HAVE to look for, i.e., if they can't tell, if the baby is positioned in such a way that they can't see, well...then oh well for us. I am hoping that is not the case because I am dying to know if it will be a William or a Wilma. (JK -- we will not name the baby Wilma if it a girl).

Also -- in between my bouts of nausea, I've had crazy cravings for fast food. Pizza, fried rice, McDonalds, 5 Guys. Even WHEN I'm nauseous, it seems to be the only thing that can settle my stomach. How weird is that. This baby is gonna make me fat!! My inner Weight Watcher cringes at the thought of all these empty calories!! But at least I am eating I guess!

Ok friends, that's all for now...stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First Post

Creative title, huh? I'm going to start this blog and see how long it lasts. I tend to start things with great intentions and then somehow let them fall by the wayside. I'm hoping this topic will be different ;)

So it has been about 8 weeks now since we found out I was pregnant. I first found out with a home pregnancy test (actually, three home pregnancy tests) -- and didn't truly believe the results until the bloodwork came back from the doctor. Even THEN, even when I had my first appointment scheduled with the OBGYN, I kept thinking "maybe the blood test came back wrong. Maybe the homes tests were false positives." Don't get me wrong -- not that I was unhappy or didn't WANT this...sure it was a huge shock....but I just didn't believe it was really real.

My first doctor's appointment was 2 weeks ago now, Thursday, September 9th. At that point I was only about 6 weeks along and they were able to do a sonogram. At that point it was no bigger than a blueberry. We were also able to see the heartbeat. We couldn't hear it just yet, but you could see the pulsating on the monitor.

That's when it started to feel real. That, and the constant nauseau I've been experiencing for the past 3 weeks. And the food aversions!! The mere THOUGHT of certain foods (asparagus, raw chicken cutlets, cooked chicken cutlets...) makes me want to toss my cookies. I haven't cooked dinner in 3 weeks because just being near certain foods is too much to take. Luckily Billy has been really great, fending for himself and making me food when I can stomach it. Even helping out around the apartment since most of my free time these days consists of throwing up or resting. I'm very lucky to have him :)

So who did we tell so far....mainly family and close friends. Still want to wait another few weeks before we tell EVERYONE and make it official. I'm not superstitious about the "waiting to tell people" but only a few more weeks so why not.

And YES, we will find out the sex when it's time. I don't even like the fact that I have to wait another 3 months, I can't imagine having to wait til May! I have a strong feeling of what it is, call it a mother's intuition lol, but I don't want to say anything until we know for sure.

So I think that basically sums it up for now. I have another doctor's appointment this Thursday (9/23) so we'll see what new developments I find out.

Til then!