Monday, January 31, 2011

Third Trimester!

Friday, January 28th, marked the beginning of my third trimester. Time really does fly. Ever since I started college I feel it just keeps going faster and faster, and these past six months have been the fastest by far. I remember about 3 or 4 months ago thinking the 6 to 7 months I had left would go on forever. Almost half a year left of being pregnant! Now, it's 3 short months that will be over before I can blink.

So to commemorate the beginning of the last trimester...a survey.

How far along? 26w3d

Total weight gain/loss: Ugh. About 30 lbs since August. But it really must be all in my stomach because I dont see it anywhere else!

Maternity clothes? A few things. Jeans mother in law bought me a track suit for Christmas and my sister in law Nicole bought me leggins and a top...I purchased a few tops but really only wore them a handful of times. I am home every day and not working so most days I can get away with sweats and a sweatshirt or tshirt. Really hate to spend all that money on clothes when hardly anyone sees me all day long lol.

Stretch marks? Still no. Good.

Sleep: Better in the past few a body pillow which has helped a lot. And to be honest, when my back hurts and I need to lay on it, I do. The doctor said try not to, but she also said if I end up on my back it's not a huge problem. My grandmother slept on her back while she was pregnant (didnt know not to then) and said I would be fine too. For some reason I trust her opinion and "medical" advice even more than the doctor lol. She didnt get to 72 years old for nothing.

Best moment this week: I think it was last week, but felt hiccups for the first time...January 24th!

Movement: Constant! He is up all morning, all night....wakes me up at 4 am....some are hard enough that you see the movement on my belly...really amazing.

Food cravings: Still nothing consistent...but I'm eating like a cow. I'm ALWAYS hungry!!!

Gender: Baby Boy William :)

Labor Signs: Negative.

Belly Button in or out? Oh it's on its way out, unfortunately.

Wedding rings on or off? Just took them off this weekend. Wearing them on a chain around my neck for now.

What I miss: Wine. Big time.

What I am looking forward to: Our 4D ultrasound next weekend!

Weekly Wisdom: I think you have to take what you read and what doctors say with a grain of salt. Yes they are the professionals but think of how our mothers and grandmothers went through the same things with half as much of the worry that they give us today. I think everything in moderation wont harm the baby. Go with your instinct and listen to the advice of the older women in your family just as much as you listen to the doctor.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's been awhile....

Not much new to post but I figured it's been too long not to update something. Went to the doctor January 4th....even though my appointment was for January 6th. We originally said the 4th, and then before I left the office in December we switched it to the 6th, since that was easier for Billy to make.....somehow I still had the 4th stuck in my head. Thankfully they took us anyway...the appointments are only about 7 minutes long so I don't see why they couldn't brain is really slipping away, slowly but surely.

Although I am getting a little annoyed with my OBGYN. I realize the average doctor appoint is under 10 minutes long, they need to get in and out, see more patients, make money, etc. But I feel like I have no idea what is going on in my pregnancy. If it wasn't for books or the Internet (which may or may not be a good thing), I'd be clueless. The doctor basically just asks me how I'm feeling. Doesn't do ultrasounds, not even a 14-week ultrasound....doesn't touch my stomach....they do blood pressure and a urine sample every visit so I guess it's something, but I feel like I have no clue what is going on or what I should be doing.

In fact I read that I should be having my gestational diabetes screening between week 24 and 28. I am almost into week 26 and my next doctor appointment isn't until the end of week 27 which is pushing it. When are they gonna give me the script for this? I had to call them myself last week to ask about it. Maybe things like that don't HAVE to be done in the time frame the Internet tells me it does, but I feel like at least a MENTION of it should have been made at my last appointment. If I didn't call and ask, would it have ever been addressed? I just feel like if I don't ask about something, it doesn't come up. I don't even know what I should be asking or what I should be feeling.

I don't know. Maybe I'm overreacting, but as a first time mother, I feel like they should be guiding me and informing me more than they do.

I originally started seeing one doctor and didn't really have a problem with her. They suggested I see her partner a few time, too, just so I get used to both of them and am familiar with whoever is there when I go into labor. I've seen the partner the past 3 visits. Her bedside manner is much friendlier than the original doctor, but I dont get as much technical information from her. So February I am going back to the original doctor. Maybe that will help things.

I'm hoping to stick with her from now til May. If things improve, great. Although I have a feeling I won't be returning to this practice for my 2nd child. I'm really shocked, too, because my GP recommended this doctor because HIS wife went to her when she was pregnant. If a doctor's wife goes to them, they have to be good right? Guess not!

Any other recent moms out there have similar experiences with their OBGYNs?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

We're having a baby this year!!!!

Happy 2011. Who knew a year ago I'd be where I am right now. Crazy how life unfolds in front of you and your world can change in an instant. (The second part of that sentence was a line from an episode of Scrubs I am watching just now, but I thought it applied, so I wrote it lol.)

Christmas came and went, with lots of clothes for Prince William from Grandma Fran and an awesome scrapbook and maternity clothes for mom from Grandma/Nanny (not sure yet) Andrea. We are both blessed to have such great parents and William is lucky to call them his grandmothers!

I have been feeling the kicking much more regularly lately. Billy has felt it a few times too, he thinks. And yesterday (or was it the day before), I could have sworn I saw the actual movement of this one kick because it was strong. I love feeling him move around!!

Havent been sleeping well lately...I wake up every night in the 4 o'clock hour and stay awake for another 2 or 3 hours....then fall back asleep for a few hours until 10 am or so. I cant sleep on my back or stomach and am finding it really hard to find a good position to sleep in. My back is killing me and the sciatica is on and off. But really all it's not so bad. Just thanking God when I wake up at 4:30 am I dont have to go to work at 8 am anymore. Makes it much more manageable lol.

Doctors appointment on Tuesday. 4D Ultrasound in February. Other than that, nothing more to report. Til then!