Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our Baby in 3D

Yesterday we had our big 3D/4D sonogram of my little Prince. Our appt was at 9:15 but I woke up at 5:30 because I just could not sleep. Got ready, ate breakfast, etc. Left to pick up my mom and then went to the place, called View a Miracle, in New Brunswick. It was so cute...they of course have a little shop there as well and all the baby things they had were so precious.

I was called pretty quickly and was very excited to see my baby, but when I laid on the table and they squirted that cold goop on my belly, they said he was face down and there was no way they could get good pictures at that angle. For the second time in the past 7 months, an ultrasound technician told me she could see my bladder was full (I knew I had to go but they told me to hold it til after so there was more fluid for the picture or something). She said to go to the bathroom to see if that moved him. Well if we learned anything from my 20 wk anatomy scan, that little trick does not work on Prince William. He will move when he is good and ready and ONLY when he is good and ready.

So as not to get their appts backed up, they had me leave the room and took other patients. They made me walk around for about 15 or 20 minutes to see if that shook him up a bit. Nope. Nothing. So this time the lady said it was "highly unlikely" that we would get any images today but I could wait a little longer or reschedule my appointment. I was so disappointed! I was waiting since January 1 when I made this appointment to see my baby! I hadn't seen him since December 13th and before that sometime in September. I wanted to know if he looked like me or Billy. I wanted to see his little face clearer than in my regular sonogram.

By this time it was close to 10 am. We had planned on going to breakfast after so I asked the technician if we could go to the diner up the road and come back after. She said as long as we were back by 1 it was no problem. I made sure to drink 2 big glasses of lemonade because I remembered reading that sugary drinks will make them move more.

When we went back to View a Miracle it was a little after 11. I didn't think I felt my baby turn over at all while we were eating, so I had very little hope left that we would see him today. But we went in the room one last time. I laid down on the table and as soon as she put the wand on my stomach there he was!!! Perfect views of his face!! I was so happy that we didnt have to reschedule and I could see him right then and there!

Of course he was sleeping so there wasn't much movement. A little smirk, he opened his mouth a time or two, but nothing too crazy. I immediately thought he looked like Bily, and everyone else agreed. Then the tech asked if I knew the sex. I said I did but that Grandma Fran was still not convinced. She kept telling me since December "you never know"...Mom, I knew. When you see it, you see it. So the tech zoomed RIGHT IN....and there was no denying anymore that it was a William and not a Wilma lol. (There are some very clear pictures of that as well but I refrained from posting them here or on Facebook. Gotta give my little guy SOME privacy.)

They took some video for about 10 minutes and took some shots of his face. His leg was somehow positioned in such a way that his little toes and foot were resting near the top of his head...too cute.

Then they give you the recording of the heart get it for "free" with the purchase of a stuffed animal to put it inside (like Build a Bear ish). Of course I had to get it. What kind of mother doesnt want that. So we bought that and Billy bought some Tag a Longs that were also for sale lol....and called it a day.

I still havent stopped looking at the pictures or watching the video! I almost want him to stay like this forever because he is so cute. I dont want to him to get bigger and grow up!!! I want him to be a baby foreverrrrr!!!!!!!!!