Friday, May 13, 2011

41 weeks much too long of a time to be pregnant. I honestly thought my baby would be here for at least a week if not more by now. The ONLY good thing about 41 weeks is knowing it can only possibly be ONE MOR WEEK. If I made it this far I can do another 3 to 7 days. BUT THEN THAT IS IT!

Had a non-stress test yesterday morning at the hospital. Everything was fine. He is a little stinker though, wouldn't wake up!! Although it was only 9 a.m., and I told the nurse he is a night owl, not an early bird. They had to buzz a little alarm noise on my stomach to wake him up. But then he did what he had to do and they were satisfied.

Then I had to get even MORE blood drawn. Really do you have enough of my blood yet, Monmouth Medical Center? And I have to pee in a jar for the next 24 hours (did this last week too)...digusting I know, and then have more blood drawn tomorrow morning when I drop off the "specimen". Based on the results from this labwork they will either induce me at 7:30 Monday night, or possibly Tuesday. I am hoping for Monday, obviously.

Also have a sonogram appt on Monday at 1....not really sure WHY if they are inducing 6 hours later...seems kind of pointless and I really think it's just to make more money.

Doctor also put me on "bed rest"-ish for the next few days. Dont have to really stay in bed but she wants me resting and relaxing, feet up as much as possible, because I am that swollen.

The doctor won't induce yet though obviously. She said that he is still too high, that even if they did induce yesterday or today, there was a 50% chance of me having to have a c-section anyway. She really wants to avoid that, and I do appreciate her concern in that respect. But on the other hand I feel like, ok enough is enough, let's just do this already.

And I have a feeling with my luck it will end up being a c-section ANYWAY so why put off the inevitable.

Anyway...the next time I post will hopefully be with pictures of my little baby!!!! Here's to my last weekend without children!!!! Better make it a good one!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

5 Days Late

So my due date was Friday. People ask me in the store when I'm due. Friday I say. Good luck they reply. No, LAST Friday I say. Cue look of sympathy.

I know 5 days isnt a huge deal but when YOU are the one who is carrying around a watermelon, 5 days feels like 5 decades. Each day just drags. Every little twinge makes me hopeful that it's starting, and then nothing. Every doctor's appt I am hoping to hear good news (dilation, etc) and nothing. So it gets very frustrating and irritating.

I know logically he will be here eventually, that it HAS to end, that it can't go on FOREVER, even though it feels like it will, but try being logical with a woman who is 9 months pregnant. It's a losing battle that I suggest you not even try to have.

So after much crying yesterday...I was fine at the doctor but the second I walked outside it just started pouring out lol. I eventually calmed down and am doing ok now....just tired of waiting. I am a very impatient person to begin with and I like to prepare and plan for things. So this does NOT work for me. I am going to have to get used to not being able to call the shots though, as I'm sure that will be William's job as soon as he gets here :)

Tomorrow AM I go for a non-stress test at the hospital, followed by a doctor's appointment that afternoon. Monday is a sonogram and another doctor's appointment. I have to go twice a week now since I'm late. I am hoping I will be able to cancel Monday's appointments, but I have been hoping that the past two weeks to no avail.

Well at least I know the longest it can be is another week. Then we're coming in after him!

I gained a TON (almost literally) of weight, too. So I am really upset about that, even though I wasn't pigging out or eating junk food. I just ate when I was hungry and I ate what I wanted to eat, especially at the beginning when there wasn't much I could even stomach. I know he is a big baby and the after-birth and water weight, etc. will add up, but I will still have a way to go after that. I know I can do it, I just feel disappointed that I gained so much. I wish the doctor had said something if I was getting too big. Although friends, family, strangers, they all say I look so tiny, with just a big belly. So who knows. I'm anxious to see what I will lose right away and what I will have left to lose via exercise and Weight Watchers. I know I can do it. Just gonna be a long summer!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Due Date...More like "Don't" Date....

(As in "I don't wanna come out yet, Mom!")

So this is what 40 weeks pregnant feels like????

Not that I should even be upset or impatient yet, because I know it is very rare that you go on your actual due date and it is even more likely for first time moms to be late rather than early. I was just reaaaaally hoping he'd be here by now. I am still hoping he will be here for Mother's Day, but I am not holding my breath. I will have to just celebrate next year :/

So on a day that I was, in a perfect world, supposed to be in labor, I instead had some bloodwork done, took in a movie, had lunch with my cousin, bought a super cute dress in a size small (healthy dose of wishful thinking and some good motivation to get back into shape ASAP!!!)

Yesterday at my doctor's appointment my blood pressure was slightly high. That coupled with the swelling I've been having, my doctor wants to just keep on eye on any developing preclampsia. She said there is nothing to be worried about yet, but she ordered some bloodwork anyway so that step is aready done, should anything get worse over the next few days. I honestly think my BP was high because I was in a rush getting to the appointment on time. But better safe than sorry. Monday afternoon I go for an ultrasound to gauge the size of the baby and Tuesday morning I have another appointment with my doctor.

At least I know the longest it can be now is another 2 weeks. By this time 2 weeks from now William WILL be here. Which is both very exciting and very scary, so maybe I should enjoy my last few nights of not having a newborn, because I am sure I don't even know what my life is going to be like and what is in store for me once he arrives.

But I can't wait to meet him/see him/hold him/kiss him!!!!!!!!!!!