Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's a BOY!

So our lil' baby bump is officially a little baby BOY bump.

Yesterday was pretty amazing. When you really think about everything it's just so amazing what is going on in there. Yesterday was the first time we really got to see our baby....we had a few low-quality sonograms early on but the baby was nothing more than a little blob. It was amazing to see his tiny little feet and hands...his little nose and forehead...just really amazing. I will post the picture of the sonogram soon...

So this is how it all basically went. Our appointment was at 2:30. I didnt know where the place was, how parking would be, etc. so I wanted to get there early. Billy picked me up from work at about 1:15 and it was only like 20 minutes away. We got there about an hour early, but I would rather that than late. So we waited a longggg time and were finally called in at about 3 p.m.

So they had me lay on the examing table and squirted that goopy gel all over my tummy and in seconds, there was our little guy on the screen. They had to check and measure all different things...arms, legs, spine, hands and feet, heart, brain, etc....so the tech was clicking away and finding all these parts on the screen and taking images of them. Then she said, not to quote her, but her first guess at its sex was a girl. I was thrilled, because I thought the whole time it was a girl. So for about 10 minutes we had a baby girl, until...we had a baby boy lol. Turns out his legs were just very close together and she couldn't get a good look at first. But when it's there, it's there lol. And it was there!

So for me, the appointment could have ended there because I heard all I came to hear. But the doctor needed some good images of his heart and appendages etc. before they could let us go. Too bad Baby William had other plans. He must have been very comfortable however he was positioned because he would just not move enough for the doctor to get a clear image of the left side of his little heart.

They had me move positions several times on the table to see if that would jossle him. Then the doctor could see on the screen that my bladder was full (how embarassing!) so he told me to go to the bathroom because sometimes that will make the baby turn. Still nothing. Then, they were starting to get backed up so I had to go wait in the waiting room for another 20 minutes to see if he'd move at all. I came back into the examining room and they said he moved slightly but not as much as they wanted him to, but luckily the doctor was able to get an image he was satisfied with. Now it's about 4:30 p.m. when all of this is said and done!

The doctor said everything looked good and normal. He said I am young and healthy and that coupled with everything he saw yesterday says to him that I should have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy delivery, so that was great to hear, too.

Now that we've seen the baby I am dying to get a 3D ultrasound done. A friend of mine (AIMEE) had this, and you could literally tell that the baby looks like her husband, it was unbelievable!!!!! And now I am more excited than ever to meet the little guy and welcome him into the world and our little Savio family!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Not much else to say except that tomorrow is the big day. Well not THE big day, but a big day. Find out if we will be preparing for the arrival of Baby Girl or Baby Boy Savio....I was so sure it was a girl for awhile but now that we are actually finding out in just 18 hours I am not sure of anything anymore so I guess we will just wait and see!! Either way we will be thrilled!!!!