Friday, May 6, 2011

Due Date...More like "Don't" Date....

(As in "I don't wanna come out yet, Mom!")

So this is what 40 weeks pregnant feels like????

Not that I should even be upset or impatient yet, because I know it is very rare that you go on your actual due date and it is even more likely for first time moms to be late rather than early. I was just reaaaaally hoping he'd be here by now. I am still hoping he will be here for Mother's Day, but I am not holding my breath. I will have to just celebrate next year :/

So on a day that I was, in a perfect world, supposed to be in labor, I instead had some bloodwork done, took in a movie, had lunch with my cousin, bought a super cute dress in a size small (healthy dose of wishful thinking and some good motivation to get back into shape ASAP!!!)

Yesterday at my doctor's appointment my blood pressure was slightly high. That coupled with the swelling I've been having, my doctor wants to just keep on eye on any developing preclampsia. She said there is nothing to be worried about yet, but she ordered some bloodwork anyway so that step is aready done, should anything get worse over the next few days. I honestly think my BP was high because I was in a rush getting to the appointment on time. But better safe than sorry. Monday afternoon I go for an ultrasound to gauge the size of the baby and Tuesday morning I have another appointment with my doctor.

At least I know the longest it can be now is another 2 weeks. By this time 2 weeks from now William WILL be here. Which is both very exciting and very scary, so maybe I should enjoy my last few nights of not having a newborn, because I am sure I don't even know what my life is going to be like and what is in store for me once he arrives.

But I can't wait to meet him/see him/hold him/kiss him!!!!!!!!!!!

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