Thursday, April 28, 2011

About to friggin pop.

So today is the last day of my 39th week. Tomorrow I begin 40 -- aka hopefully the LAST WEEK -- of my pregnancy.

Since my last post, Baby William has definitely flipped around. As of the last post, I was debating between going through with the version procedure or not. I decided over the weekend before the procedure to cancel it. I called Monday morning and did so. Sometime on Monday eventhing there was a lot of movement going on in my belly. And then I felt little pokes and kicks in different areas, more vertical than horizontal. And I had a feeling he had flipped into position. When I went to the doctor last Thursday (4/21), she confirmed that he had, in fact, flipped. I was so proud of my son for knowning what to do and doing it, even when the doctors said there was a slim chance at this stage and size of him moving out of a breech position.

I go back this afternoon to the doctor and hoping he is still in position. I think he has, but he has moved once so I am not putting anything past this little guy. I am hoping for some good news as far as dilating or effacement or dropping. People say my belly looks like it is lower now so I am hoping he has dropped. Although last week the doctor said he was still pretty high, so we'll see what she says.

It has been so hot lately, I can't stand it. I don't know how women go thru the summer months in their third trimesters. Even second. I am glad I was only pregnant end of August and September and at those points was only a few months. I think I'll try to plan future pregnancies around this same timeline lol.

I also don't get women who say they loved being pregnant. Sure it has its good moments. But I am guessing these women never got to 39 weeks because I'm sorry but it is torturous. You're big. You're hot. You're swollen. You are no energy, even though you have so much left to do to prepare for the very near arrival. Oh get people telling you "any day now!!!" when you feel like delivery is a lifetime away. Any day my foot. People have been saying that to me for weeks and still NOTHING lol. "Hang in there!" As if I have some other option lol. At least I know it can't be too much longer now.

Don't get me wrong, most of the pregnancy, minus the second half of the first trimester when I was battling morning sickness, and this last 9th month, has been great. But pregnancy is no cakewalk, and God bless the women who go through it with no problems!

Last week the doctor said if I am still undelivered at my due date (May 6) then they will send me for another ultrasound to see how big the baby has gotten. I am assuming if he is big (which he will be, as 2 wks ago he was 7 1/2 lbs already), they will induce me, as to not keep this huge child in me any longer. I remember the childbirth class instructor saying at a certain point when the baby gets too big, the mother can no longer provide as well for him so it's best to get the baby out. I'm hoping to go on my own before next Friday, but I will be more than willing to do whatever the doctor thinks is best for me and William at that time.

I will update later with any new developments from today's appointment!! Just think, a BABY will be here any time from RIGHT NOW to at the latest, 2 weeks from now.....aaaaah!!!!!!

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  1. I can't wait!! And I am going to go out on a limb and guess that he turns out not nearly as big as they think!