Friday, May 13, 2011

41 weeks much too long of a time to be pregnant. I honestly thought my baby would be here for at least a week if not more by now. The ONLY good thing about 41 weeks is knowing it can only possibly be ONE MOR WEEK. If I made it this far I can do another 3 to 7 days. BUT THEN THAT IS IT!

Had a non-stress test yesterday morning at the hospital. Everything was fine. He is a little stinker though, wouldn't wake up!! Although it was only 9 a.m., and I told the nurse he is a night owl, not an early bird. They had to buzz a little alarm noise on my stomach to wake him up. But then he did what he had to do and they were satisfied.

Then I had to get even MORE blood drawn. Really do you have enough of my blood yet, Monmouth Medical Center? And I have to pee in a jar for the next 24 hours (did this last week too)...digusting I know, and then have more blood drawn tomorrow morning when I drop off the "specimen". Based on the results from this labwork they will either induce me at 7:30 Monday night, or possibly Tuesday. I am hoping for Monday, obviously.

Also have a sonogram appt on Monday at 1....not really sure WHY if they are inducing 6 hours later...seems kind of pointless and I really think it's just to make more money.

Doctor also put me on "bed rest"-ish for the next few days. Dont have to really stay in bed but she wants me resting and relaxing, feet up as much as possible, because I am that swollen.

The doctor won't induce yet though obviously. She said that he is still too high, that even if they did induce yesterday or today, there was a 50% chance of me having to have a c-section anyway. She really wants to avoid that, and I do appreciate her concern in that respect. But on the other hand I feel like, ok enough is enough, let's just do this already.

And I have a feeling with my luck it will end up being a c-section ANYWAY so why put off the inevitable.

Anyway...the next time I post will hopefully be with pictures of my little baby!!!! Here's to my last weekend without children!!!! Better make it a good one!

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  1. I felt like a pin cushion when they were diagnosing the pre-eclampsia, they would wake me up multiple times during the night to take blood! It might be better to be induced Tuesday. If you're induced Monday night you would most likely not have him until Tuesday anyway, so it may be better to get a good nights rest Monday night. I was induced at 7pm and it made me so uncomfortable I didn't sleep at all and was completely exhausted when it came time to have him...add in the exhaustion of delivery...well, whatever, you'll be used to exhaustion soon anyway lol. The sonogram is probably to make sure he's still head down so that it's ok to induce, although they might do it again right beforehand. Can't wait to see baby William!!